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So, it has been a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I updated this journal thing.  A lot has happened.  Got a part-time job, graduated a semester early from college, and (most relevant to what I'm about to talk about) got the latest Pokemon game and a Nintendo 3DS.  Probably the first time I've owned/played a Pokemon game since "Pokemon Stadium 2" for the N64 (man, I miss that thing) and the first handheld Pokemon game I've played since... well, EVER.  

Anyways, if anyone's interested in Friend Safari, leave your 3DS friend code in the comments (my own friend code is 1263-7068-4856 and results in a Grass-type safari).  Also, I'm very interesting in filling out the National Pokedex, so feel free to send me a Note and we can work out some trade arrangements and we can discuss what we do and don't have.  I've done quite a bit of Wonder Trading and I've managed to acquire a healthy amount of Pokerus, a few secret abilities, one of every fossil-resurrected Pokemon in existence (with the obvious exception of Genesect) and a few hard-to-find mons that I can breed up easily.  Feel free to contact me: I'm sure we can work out a deal that'll make everyone happy.  Also, you don't need to worry about loosing any hard-to-get Legendaries; I promise to give them right back after they've been registered into my 'Dex (so long as you promise to return the favor).  


United States

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